The foundation supports health and social projects for people with disabilities in the nascent countries, Eastern Europe and Austria.




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Hope, Help & Health

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Fondation projects

Retinal department in university eye clinic Jimma, Ethiopia

In Novemeber 2014, from February to May 2015 and in November 2015, head physician Dr. Aneliya Hochwarter was on medical missions in the eye clinic in the University of Jima, Ethiopia, where she was teaching and training retinal surgery to her colleagues and middle medical personnel. This surgery is the saving of vision in patients with diabetes, retinal detachment, and complications during the operation of the cataract. The project continues in the form of exchange of staff and future trainings.

"LICHT FÜR DIE WELT" (translated "Light of the World") is the third largest in the world organization for humanitarian projects in the field of eye diseases. It has much experience and assists in the development of the training program.

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Donations are possible on the following donation account, but are not visible on the website of the organization:

IBAN: AT 92 2011 1000 0256 6001


Password: „dr.hochwarter“

Lokomat® in Bulgarien - national Donation-Campagne

Lokomat® (company "Hocoma" - Switzerland) is а robot that allows patients with partial or complete paralysis after cranial trauma, cerebral haemorrhage in aneurysms of cases of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, but mainly - children with cerebral paralysis, to train a normal gait and walk again. 20 000 patients in Bulgaria hope one day to have the opportunity for this kind of therapy.


Donation account: Aneliya Hochwarter

IBAN: BG60 UNCR 7000 1522 7289 49 (in Euro)

IBAN: BG65 UNCR 7000 1522 7289 56 (in lev)


*** Donation accounts in Bulgaria are blocked and cannot be used for current needs. The received donations will be transferred directly from the bank of Hocoma company, without intermediate traders, according to the contract of sale.

With the support of Raiffeisen Bank Lower Austria-Vienna, a subsidiary A-1030 Baumgasse.


Emergency support for parents of children with disabilities

In the process of planning

In emergency cases where one of the parents is heavily ill, the family is getting into crisis situation where the children suffer the most, especially the ones with disabilities. They need emergency support in ordinary daily activities and responsibilities: to be brought or picked up from school, somebody to cook, do the laundry, iron their clothes, help them in doing the day-to-day homework from school. We are looking for volunteers among students, working or already retired medical staff and we will be happy to have every candidate. If needed we will call you. The personal data will be confidential and will not be provided to third party.

We are kindly asking for a written representation to our email address.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you for the support!

Thank you for the support!



                        (Original title:  "Пътуване")

                                               Anelia Hochwarter

This is a love story about a journey in space, time and spirituality. Everbody is a traveler and soon or later takes the road to the inner of himself, looking for love, professional career and adventures. This is what the characters of this book are doing.

Dr. Anelia Hohvarter was born in the village of Gorna Mitropolia, Pleven province. She studies medicine in Pleven and ends her education in Vienna, where she has been living for 26 years and now is working as an eye doctor. She participates in many social projects, many of which are related to her specialty: medical missions in Yemen (2009), Zimbabwe (2011 and 2012) and Ethiopia (2014 and 2015), where she builds the first center for retinal surgery in the country.

In the ranking for honored women of Austria "Leading Ladies Awards 2009" she takes third place in the category "Social commitment".

The book can be purchased in German and Bulgarian language and by the end of April - in Russian and English language. All incomes from the sale of the book are provided to our foundation for social projects.    







National symposium:

 "Lokomat - robotic rehabilitation"



Hall "Ambroise Paré"


Medical University Pleven, Bulgaria



Charity concert


 "Nusha" sings for "LOKOMAT for BULGARIA"


12.11.2017 / 19: 00h


 Big ceremonial hall of the Central Military Club

Sofia, Bulgaria

VivaArt Gallery

"Art meets joy of life"

Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 18:30 - 21:00h

A-1040, Operngasse N:28


Small buffet: 18.00h - 18. 30h

Seating places are limited. Free entry

For Reservations: office@vivaartgallery.com

Presentation of the book "Journey". Passages from the book will be read by Silvana Sansoni.

The writer of the book, Anelia Hochwarter, will take place personally. Autographed - after the event.





"Eine Reise ins Land der Sonne" 

Original titelе "Пътуване"


Bоок prеsentation 

 in German and Bulgarian

07.04.2017 /19:00

Bulgariаn cultural institute, Berlin



Actress Silvana Sansoni (German)

and Dr. Anelia Hochwarter (Bulgarian)